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Mushroom People - On The Road (Official Video 4K)

Full of ideas and drive the Mushroom People start the new year. The young band from Saarland releases “On The Road”, a new single somewhere between Indie Electro and Future Pop. The release on the North German label giant Kontor Records should bring the trio the breakthrough. In order to succeed in any case, the young musicians have built up the track “On The Road” around the rather unusual instrument Flugelhorn.

Mushroom People could be the name of an American rock band, and who knows, maybe that's what it will be in the future. But the roots of the project would always be in Saarland. There, in a village of 4000 souls, the adventure of three young musicians began just over a year ago. As Mushroom People, the brothers Dean and Dustin as well as the singer Lenny have been making melancholic electro pop ever since.

They started completely on their own. At the end of 2016, Zen Garden released their first release via Spinnup, Universal's distribution platform, which allows anyone to post worldwide for a small fee. Last year their little debut album “Mushroom People” was added, with tracks like “Walk Around” and “Time Lapse” the band recorded their first successes, on Spotify the numbers have grown to six digits. The Chainsmokers also became aware of the trio, their tracks “Wisdom Talk” and “Saturday Night” recommended the American superstars their own fans.

All three guys are in their early 20s, their music reflects the stage of life. “On The Road” is about a journey into the blue, to dare, but also about being different. In the process, the three dare something, with the help of a sample, the flugelhorn becomes the central instrument of production. The instrument, sort of a mixture of horn and trumpet, is not necessarily a permanent guest in pop productions. In “On The Road” his effort is more than successful, also thanks to the flugelhorn sticks to the title of a beautiful dreamy happy vibe. This article originally appeared in dance-charts.

Get the single here: https://ktr.lnk.to/MPOnTheRoadYo

Video by Dilnas Bilgic.
Special Thanks to Julian Adolph.

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