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Au/Ra - Stay Happy (Official Video)

Au/Ra’s follow up single ‘Panic Room’ is probably her biggest single to date, having amassed over 14 million views on YouTube and reaching the top 40 in the UK singles chart. The video showcases an intense scenario in a hospital, with the staff seeking refuge in a locked room. Au/Ra who comes across in the video as a patient in need, is actually the dangerous trigger but by the time we find that out, it’s already too late. “Panic Room was basically about anxiety and that feeling of being trapped in your own head,” explains Au/Ra. She further explains that the video resembles ones mind, a place that only we ourselves can control but then at times, we can’t control at all. “Everybody can have these thoughts that are fighting each other. I have dark thoughts, that happens. It was really talking about that place that you sometimes go to, when you’re too controlled by anxiety, everybody does at some point and it sucks.” Au/Ra also shares that she felt a lot of anxiety during school and the song was her way of explaining how she was feeling however, not by telling people how to fix the problem. “Just explaining how something feels is enough and then you acknowledge it and you’re like yea, everybody feels like that, it’s OK. Then you just kinda accept it.”

The Official Music Video for Au/Ra’s latest single ‘Stay Happy’ has just been released and it’s a really terrific. As we were speaking ahead of it’s release, Au/Ra shared with us what the song is all about, “It’s a lot about questioning if there is a short cut to stay happy,” details Au/Ra. “There’s all these small moments and sometimes it’s hard to know whether you’re actually in them or not and it just feels weird. I just wanted to write something that kind of says that, cause I went through a phase when I was kind of neutral all the time. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t sad I was just kinda numb and it was weird. I think I’m past that now, it comes in and out but a lot of people feel like that sometimes, you just don’t know how to feel. It’s like does anybody ever just stay happy?” It’s a legit question to ask, don’t you think? I guess with life, it’s all about balance and happiness wouldn’t exist if we were unable to also feel sadness. I ask Au/Ra what she does to try and stay happy and she tells me, “I talk to my friends and family a lot, I try to remind myself of the things that I can be grateful for and appreciate things more. I think that keeps you grounded and yea, keeps you happy. Listen to a lot of music, write a lot more, cry, eat chocolate,” she laughs.  — DSTNGR

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