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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Bassjackers & D'Angello & Francis - The Flight (Official Music Video)

Good evening passengers welcome aboard on 'The Flight', your captains Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Bassjackers, D'Angello and Francis are cleared for take-off so please take your positions and have your phones ready, because we are expecting turbulence on board 'The Flight'.

Smash the House

"The Flight" is a main stage-ready anthem. An automated flight attendant's voice prepares listeners for the journey in which they're about to partake, instructing them to raise their hands into the air and move them left to right. Things progress into a big room buildup as fans prepare for takeoff. Fans of Flohr and Van Hilst's previous works, as well as the Thivaios brothers, will certainly gravitate towards this energy rousing tune.
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