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Kimbra - Human (Official Music Video)

Queen of our world Kimbra has released a new song today entitled “Human,” and it also comes along with a video directed by Gregor Nicholas. The bass heavy, R&B-tinged track is all about being human, and the futuristic video takes that idea pretty literally. Taking place in a parking garage, human Kimbra dances with a robot clone of herself. It looks as if she's talking to the robot, trying to explain what it means to be human. At the end, robot Kimbra freezes up and the entire shot gets the glitchy filter treatment.

The release of the singer's album Primal Heart got pushed to April 20th, but she's set to go on tour later this month on January 28th. Find dates here. She will also be performing on Late Night With Seth Meyers on January 29th. This article originally appeared in Baeble Music.

Kimbra - Human (Official Music Video)
The new studio album Primal Heart out wwide April 20, 2018
Preorder now - https://kmbra.me/primalheart
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