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Tujamo - Body Language (feat. Miranda Glory & Haris) [Official Music Video]

Well known for his aggressive & bouncy electro house drops, the renowned German producer Tujamo has shown his versatility by trying out the popular genre “Moombahton” and also adding his own signature vibe to it. Joining forces with talented singers Miranda Glory and Haris, the result is a delightful production titled “Body Language”.

This radio-friendly release showcases a delectable and peppy melody in the breakdown. With a chiming pluck in the background, the moombah rhythm develops around it as the luscious vocal from Miranda Glory takes over. The laid back progression of the song generates an ear-hooking feel around it, making the track more lively, Haris’ voice also accompanies Miranda Glory’s engaging vocal, as a duet. Without much further delay, the drop comes in after a usual brief snare riser.

The drop gives a slight twist to the breakdown, having a peculiar melody to it. As the moombah groove swirls around, another unusual lead synth plays over a pitched melody. This synth has a similar sound to any violin played at a higher pitch, but the melody gives a creative edge to this drop.

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