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Monoir feat. Alexandra Stan - Save the night (Official Video)

After the success of the international hit “The Violin Song”, which was broadcast in countries like Poland, Greece, Russia and Turkey, Monoir collaborates with Alexandra Stan for the song and video “Save the night” . The music and text are composed by Monoir (Cristian Tarcea) and Alexandra Stan, and the song was produced by the artist himself.

“I have known Alexandra since I was 16 years old and I am glad that after all this time we managed to make our first collaboration. In a studio session, Alexandra sang a piece of the story and inspired me to say, “We have to make this song together!” He agreed, and from there he started everything. «Save the night» is a single that has been awaiting. I hope you enjoy and feel the energy we want to share with you, ”says Monoir.

Alexandra Stan adds: “I am glad to collaborate with Monoir, especially since we are both from Constanta and we have been perfectly complemented many times in lyrics and production. For the clips we went to Santorini and we had absolutely beautiful landscapes, it is a wonderful destination.”

Since 2009, Monoir has been able to conquer the Turkish music charts, and in 2014 he has returned with songs such as “Zaynah” and “Sing Loud”, which were the No. 1 in the Balkans. In 2016, Monoir released the hit “The Violin Song”, the song that generated over 58 million views on YouTube. In March of this year, producer and artist Monoir collaborated with June for “We Had Love”, and three months later he released with Bianca Linta the single and video “Golden Sands”. In addition, the artist collaborated with names such as Laurentiu Duta, Elena Gheorghe, Alina Eremia, Costi Ionita, Marius Moga, Deepcentral, Delia, Xonia and Raluka.

Recently, Alexandra Stan released “New 2”, the first solo song with lyrics in Romanian, just one month away from the appearance of “Boy Oh Boy”, a pop single with reggae influences, whose video Alexandra went all the way Kuala lumpur. Review Found On Urban.ro

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Monoir feat.  Alexandra Stan - Save the night (Official Video)

Written by Cristian Tarcea & Alexandra Stan
Produced by Cristian Tarcea @ Thrace Music


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iTunnes: https://goo.gl/WrXJla
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