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Valentino Khan - Pump (Official Music Video)

Pump (Official Music Video)” out now via Mad Decent will definitely pump up the crowds through festival season and beyond. While the track builds on key elements from “Deep Down Low,” it gets progressively more dirty as it pumps along. It’s different enough to stand alone, and can definitely hold its own against Khan’s “Most played track by DJ’s in 2015.”

Not that we’re putting them against each other, but “Pump” might win in a fist fight. We absolutely love it.


I've been so hyped to share this video with all of you and continue to push boundaries with these visuals. Here it is... the Pump music video. Enjoy, ~ Valentino Khan

Director - Dori Oskowitz
Executive Producer/Producer - Candice Dragonas
Producer - Judy Craig
Cinematographer - Jackson Hunt
VFX - Mathematic
Creative Director - Charlie Twaddle

I’m Going To Make You, Like That, Like That, Goin’ to make you pump like that, I’m Going To Make You Pump Like that

Subscribe to Mad Decent: https://www.youtube.com/user/maddecent

Subscribe to Valentino Khan: https://www.youtube.com/user/ValentinoKhan
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