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EDX - We Can't Give Up (Official Music Video)

Hold on to the new EDX record We Can’t Give Up! This record is a true bliss and something special for sure, capturing delicate soundscapes combined with subtle beats and chords. The glorious vocals are completing this tune, making sure that it will be in your mind all the time!

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/ Director - Editor: Jan-Philipp Behr & Marius Bohn
/ Creative Producer: Annika Pagel
/ DOP: Jan-Philipp Behr
/ 1st Assistant Camera: Marius Bohn
/ 2nd Assistant Camera:/ Electro: Venecia Hermsen & Niklas Michalik
/ Production Manager: Annika Pagel
/ MUA: Anna-Maria Scafarti
/ Main cast: Sarah Richmond & Mark Becher
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