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Lucas & Steve - Up Till Dawn (On The Move) [Official Music Video]

Delightful sounds from Lucas & Steve, perfecting their authentic sound with a well known melody from the famous Barthezz dance classic. This will get you On The Move for sure, with good vibes all the way, perfect during cocktails in the sun. Get ready to experience an early summer with smooth guitar licks, fantastic vocals and uplifting chords, which all leads up to a strenuous drop that floods with energy! This tune will make you want to stay Up Till Dawn!

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Video by UBERcut & Kraftstoff
Directed & Edited by: Jorrit Monné (UBERcut)
1st AD: Dimitri Janssen (Kraftstoff)
D.O.P.: Tobias Smeets
VFX: Madse Krivokutya (Kraftstoff)
Producer: Tim Agter (Sunrise Productions)
Grading: Dimitri Janssen (Kraftstoff)
Ass. Producer: Martijn Mantel
Visagie: Annemieke Groenendijk - Van Duuren
Stylist: Esther In't Veld - Pierweijer
Alpacas:  Berts Animal verhuur
Studio: Het Nieuwe Kader, Arnhem
Girls: Beau van Boheemen, Marline van Gaal, Melanie Makay.
Cop: Boris de Lange
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