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Yellow Claw - Good Day (feat. DJ Snake & Elliphant)

The official Mad Decent YouTube release of Yellow Claw - Good Day (feat. DJ Snake & Elliphant). Stream the full track and other Yellow Claw releases here or show support on iTunes or Google Play.

Stream "Good Day (feat. DJ Snake & Elliphant)" below:

Spotify: http://maddecent.fm/GoodDaySP
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Google Play: http://maddecent.fm/GoodDayGP
Beatport: http://maddecent.fm/GoodDayBP

Pre-order 'Los Amsterdam' on iTunes: http://maddecent.fm/LosAmsterdam

Good Day” (feat. DJ Snake & Elliphant) echoes eighties new wave before slipping into a snappy and warbling vocal transmission from Swedish songstress Elliphant, “It was a good day.” It marks YELLOW CLAW’s third collaboration with French titan DJ Snake, continuing what’s become a tradition.

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