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Snakehips - Cruzin' (Stay Home Tapes - Act 1) ft. St Rulez (Music Video)

Snakehips have a penchant for making electronic music that is both cool and wholesome – who knew there could be such a thing? The British duo is best known for the single ‘All My Friends’ featuring Tinashe and Chance the Rapper, the anti-party (party) anthem which encapsulates their production style: nostalgic beats which grapple with emotion.

The talent they attract to feature on their records is a credit to their authentic artistry and, crucially to their success, they have a gift for catching artists just as they start to ride their crescendo. They worked with Chance just before Coloring Book (2016), Anderson .Paak as he released Malibu (2016) and D.R.A.M. in the aftermath of his Grammy nominations last year.

The new single is titled ‘Cruzin’’ (feat. St. Rulez), a release pre-ceding the upcoming Stay Home Tapes EP. The song is smooth-as-can-be and St. Rulez provides a laid-back performance that blends song and rap. The chorus is a 80s-inspired joy that doesn’t take itself too seriously, setting a tone that makes the song unique in its genre. The layers of the song are impressively well-blended, Snakehips have continued in an enviable run of thoughtful tracks in the electronic dance scene. The EP looks to be a hit. But, better yet, it is set to deserve as much acclaim as it does attention. This article originally appeared in Spindle Magazine.

Snakehips feat. St Rulez - Cruzin' (Stay Home Tapes - Act 1)

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