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Dave202 & Angelika Vee - Chill Pill (Official Video HD)

Dave 202 is a name to be reckoned with in the trance business in his home country of Switzerland. The DJ has been spinning discs since 1994/1995, scoring his first hit in 2000 with a compilation CD featuring the anthem to the 2000 Streetparade. His career has skyrocketed from there: countless more mix CDs and artist albums, celebrated gigs at the hottest clubs and circuit parties in Switzerland and – last but not least – his now legendary solo night at OXA. Dave 202 is by far the most prolific Swiss trance DJ of recent years and the true driving force behind this music genre in Switzerland. This article originally appeared in DJ Guide

Angelika Vee is a singer, songwriter and topline writer. Vee studied classical piano for 15 years as a child and earned a degree from the National University of Music in Romania, where she had success as both a songwriter and artist, receiving airplay in Bucharest and beyond. Her Rihanna-esque voice and deft delivery have lit up social networking site You Tube, where she has gained over 20 million collective hits to her channel and boasts over 50,000 subscribers. Partially because of her global success on You Tube and her own original songwriting ability (Vee penned several radio hits for other artists in Romania such as Ellie White and also in France, for artists such as Warner Music France's Tal and Télévision Française 1 reality show Star Academy participants in addition to new Warner Music Norway artist Julie Bergan), the singer/songwriter went on to compete in and win the Los Angeles-based Rodney Jerkins sponsored singing competition Music Mogul. This article originally appeared in Angelika Vee

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