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Bassjackers & Bali Bandits - Are You Randy? (Official Music Video)

Bassjackers and Bali Bandits taking you on a rollercoaster ride as they ask Are You Randy. Expect raw beats and high energy synths, catchy vocal samples and a drop to jump for. This question doesn’t need an answer, simply give it all you got!

Bassjackers teamed up with Bali Bandits, delivering an aggressive and entertaining track. “Are You Randy?” presents elements from both (quite different) styles, but the first unusual part is, for you, the title.

“Are You Randy?” is an ironic parody of the overused vocal “Are You Ready?”. Bali Bandits shown once again some funny creativity with a name that will surely catch your attention.

However, our attention is mainly focused on the spectacular vibes of this Musical Freedom release. Bassjackers adeptly added their influence to a classic Bali Bandits structure. We are talking about a future bounce creation, but with vocal, kick and break heavily influenced by a big room approach. The final result is about a more aggressive tune than usual, but with enough creativity, complexity and a massive drop!

The break presents the classic dynamic Bassjackers big room structure. There is a distorted vocal loop, until a signature Bali Bandits pre-drop vocal kicks in. The following drop has a catchy melody, a heavy kick, and the classic trippy add-ons of the Dutch duo.

“Are You Randy?” is well balanced (that wasn’t easy) and particularly enjoyable. It’s nice to see that someone has finally managed to fit well with Bali Bandits style. It’s unique, you can easily understand it while listening to the drop, and in fact the Dutch duo has rarely collaborated with other producers.

However, Bassjackers are experienced in that. Despite being focused on big room music, they have already worked with future house producers. For example, we can’t forget their hits with Brooks (“Joyride“) and Lucas & Steve (“These Heights“)!

With such important names, the result was, as expected, very good. Musical Freedom makes sure not to miss a single release, this year! This article originally appeared in EDM Reviewer
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Directed & Edited by: Aaron Fradkin
Produced by: Victoria Fratz
Director of Photography & Steadicam: Scott Baker
VFX by: Jeff Osborne
1st AC: Marc Anthony
Grip: Christopher Lee Lopez

Dancers: Vanesa Seco & Cici Stamper
Video Game Hostess: Victoria Fratz
Gamers: Ron Esfandiari & Andrew Grissom
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