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R3HAB x Mike Williams - Lullaby (Official Video)

The names R3HAB and Mike Williams are quickly combined with the Dutch super label Spinnin 'Records. The label has brought out the two artists and made them grow into two recognized EDM stars. While R3HAB has been one of the scene's most popular EDM acts for years, Mike Williams is still at the beginning and is currently being hyped by Spinnin 'as an EDM superstar. Surprisingly, the Dutch-Moroccan producer R3HAB announced a few weeks ago on his Instagram account that they would soon hear a collaboration between him and Mike Williams . January 26, 2018 was the release date of the unexpected collaboration. The single “Lullaby” was released via R3HAB s own label R3HAB Music, a sublabel of great power Spinnin 'Records. We tell you which of the two producers dominates here and what the number brings along.

This collaboration is really unusual and so could not be expected. The signature sounds of the two producers could hardly be more different. R3HAB has become one of the best Future Pop Acts of the EDM scene in recent years. Every now and then comes a Progressive Bigroom track, like most recently “Islands” with KSHMR , but in general the Dutchman has turned rather to other styles. Mike Williams, on the other hand, has nothing to do with Future Pop , Bigroom or Progressive House. His tracks are 100 percent in the Future House / Future Bounce area. He has developed his own sound design, which combines powerful beats with groovy, bouncy sounds.

The two genres of the acts are only moderately interlinked, which is why they had to choose one direction. After all, “Lullaby” has become a Future House number, reminiscent of many other songs by Mike Williams. Whereby you can also hear some influences of R3HAB. For example, the vocals come from the usual R3HAB singer. He uses a dreamy, female voice in most Future Pop tracks. Also in this case similar vocals were used. The way of singing fits the meaning of the song. The vocalist sings of a lullaby with which you can perfectly combine the dreamy lyrics.

The instrumental deals with many elements of the Future Pop section, but at the latest to the build-up had Mike Williams his fingers in the game. This and the typical Future House Sounds in Drop make this disc a Mike Williams number. The drop is full of power and brings with it an incredible euphoria. Of course, the sounds are extremely grooving and fast-paced. But how should it be different with Mike Williams?

Conclusion: The surprise collaboration “Lullaby” by R3HAB and Mike Williams is one of the best future-house tracks of the young year 2018. Although you can connect only partially with R3HAB, but the groove, the power and the euphoria, the Mike Williams lent to this track, just break with and spread a good mood. With the support of R3HAB, this future house number will be given another boost to become a big festival crasher. Class! This article originally appeared in Dance-Charts.

R3HAB x Mike Williams - Lullaby (Official Video)
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