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SOFI TUKKER - F*ck They (Official Video)

“The whole premise is ‘f— they’—the people that are trying to hold us back from being who we are, being ourselves really loudly,” Hawley-Weld explained. “The profanity’s even part of it.” SOFI TUKKER
Fuck They,” is a celebration of the duo’s creativity. It’s a declaration and finger pointing at the absurdity that lies within the way labels may even be reluctant to work with the group following the release of this profanity-laced single. “They” have also encouraged Sofi Tukker to tone down it according to the two, or as Hawley-Weld put it, worked to “dictate our creativity.”

If the duo’s debut hit “Drinkee,” a track the two wrote as seniors at Brown University and earned their first Grammy nomination this past year, is infectious jungle-pop that makes its listener want to dance, then “Fuck They,” will make its listener want to rage. Review By Dancing Astronuaut

SOFI TUKKER - F*ck They (Official Video)
SOFI TUKKER - F*ck They (Official Video) by Ultra Music
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"They" is anything that holds you back from being who you are. Whoever "they" is in your life / in your mind, Fuck They! Who's they anyway?

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