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SANTEY feat. Emelie Cyréus - Naked Souls

Let it not be said that The Bearded Man is a prude. Far from it broski! He’s like… you know… totally made out with *AT LEAST* like 3 girls or more. I mean heck, if you count Brittany Tracey, then that’s like 4 girls dog… Are you calling a dude who totally macked on 4 girls a prude? As if! Psh… Man… He’s like totally seen the naked souls of at LEAST 1.5 girls, and NO, he’s not counting his mama. We’re talking 1.5 totally separate, different, completely different souls. And not even including Brittany Tracey. So you know… Just remember that, like, for next time, ok!?

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SANTEY feat. Emelie Cyréus - Naked Souls: House, Deep House, Hits, House Music, House Family, HD Video, Good Mood, Good Vibes, Progresive House, Video, YouTube
Naked Souls
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