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Sigrid - Strangers (Official Video)

The young Norwegian Sigrid has made herself known (and Lorde has helped that by putting it in her playlist) with a single pop and urban dye as charismatic as her own title, “Do not Kill My Vibe”. An explosive song that could have been a great success on American radio if it had been signed by Fifth Harmony (to say someone) instead of a Scandinavian debutant.

After the similar success in streaming of their second single, “Plot Twist” (both round the 25 million plays on Spotify that already would like many established artists), in the bombastic line of the previous one, Sigrid returns with a song closer to the disco pulse of Robyn. “Strangers” uses an eighties rhythm to tell us the story of a love that, like the one in the movies, has been an illusion. "Those people could not be us."

Strangers” keeps the rhythm up and it is towards the middle when it surpasses it, developing towards an electrifying climax thanks to a second refrain in which Sigrid redounds in the illusion of that love: “I thought we had it, but we invented a dream, because we have a good image of what could have been”. Both refrains merge in the final apotheosis. Review Found On Jenesa Is Pop
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