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ODESZA - Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild) - [Official Video]

Nothing can stop the Odesza hype train. The electronic duo was silent for years, and now, they can't seem to go a week without hitting fans with some new tantalizing bit of sound.

Today, Odesza suddenly dropped “Higher Ground,” an ethereal mix of woodwinds, strings, and piano chords lifted by pounding drums. Naomi Wild is light and airy with her vocals, pushing the dreamy atmosphere to lofty heights.

“Higher Ground” is the fifth release from Odesza's upcoming LP, A Moment Apart. Fans can look forward to the full package Friday, Sept. 8. Until then, dive deep into possibility with “Higher Ground”. This article originally appeared in Billboard

The new album 'A Moment Apart’ out now: http://odesza.co/a-moment-apart

2018 A Moment Apart Tour: https://odesza.com/shows
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