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SLVR - Kinda (Official Music Video)

There is a new name today on Spinnin’ Premium: the Italian SLVR! With “Kinda”, the talented produced delivered a particular kind of bass house to us, and we decided to give it a try (in collaboration with a friend, D.) and share our opinion with you!

The main strength of this song is the sound design in the drop. Every growl presents the typical SLVR personality, while the Italian producer experimented with the beat structure. Quite particular, especially with the vocals used… Being precise, they’re simply unique and surprising. Needless to say that the result is very catchy, once getting used to their particular style. The slightly ethnic and mysterious lead is a little detail that delighted us!

Despite being bass house, “Kinda” impressed us because SLVR delivered something slightly less underground than usual. It fits well with the Spinnin’ fanbase (not used to those particular sounds) while still bringing a delicious creativity and, of course, the SLVR mentality to the Dutch label.

A demonstration of its “versatility” is that “Kinda” has been played by both bass house biggies (Ephwurd for example) and other genre experts, like Hardwell!

Another lovely part is the DnB influence in the break. It further adds creativity and personality to an already impressive track!

Sometimes it happens that free downloads on Spinnin’ are way better than official releases. This is one of them.
SLVR impressed, surprised and amazed us. “Kinda” is a strange song for our standards, but we hope you’ll appreciate its vibes and personality! This article originally appeared in EDM Reviewer

Watch out for SLVR with this smasher of a tune that will Kinda make you go crazy! Its wobbly basslines and warped grooves are likely to get many floors in a frenzy, incorporating energetic vocal samples and a superb lead. Get ready to get those bodies moving!

Video by K1lab
Facebook: facebook.com/K1lab
Instagram: instagram.com/k1_lab
email: alessandro@wearek1lab.com, francesco@wearek1lab.com
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