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Mija - Notice Me [Official Music Video]

Is anything more romantic and melancholy than a walk in the rain in Paris? That's the scene in our minds when we listen to Mija's beautiful single “Notice Me,” one of the tunes that features her own sweetly sad vocals from her debut EP How to Measure the Distance Between Lovers, but in the official video, Mija builds her own lovely, sorrowful picture of what it is to be alone.

Notice Me” finds the woman playing in two worlds. In one, she sits in the dark save for some neon signs and stares into screens of static. In the other, she's looking for light on the beach and searching for hope in flowering fields. Just like flowers are born to die and love is never meant to last, the day turns to night, and she's once again wandering the streets of Los Angeles, hiding behind cigarette smoke and feeling pretty lost.

Made in collaboration with @bokenint, “Notice Me” is a music video designed to sucker-punch you in the feels. It's honestly mesmerizing. This article originally appeared in Billboard

Listen on to the EP spotify: open.spotify.com/album/2OfeFP5z3P9zM9REYiuyoy

well i’m sitting in the dark again, refreshing.
following that girl was the dumbest shit i ever did.
I want you so bad in this weather.
If only we could be together.

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Twitter: twitter.com/hi_mija
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hi_mija
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