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Nina Nesbitt - The Moments I'm Missing (feat. Goody Grace) [Official Music Video]

Story-telling pop sensation Nina Nesbitt is back with a new single, “The Moments I’m Missing,” featuring Manitoba born-LA based R&B singer Goody Grace.

The lyrics eloquently and cleverly discuss Nina’s rapid assent to fame and her feelings of not being able to take it all in at the time. “Now I've had a lot of time to look back and see what was amazing and what was shit.” She explained, “It's not about missing as in longing; it's about the moments I'm missing from my brain. It's about recollecting.”

The single was fully written and produced by Nina who was discovered by Ed Sheeran at only 17. Nina scored a U.K. top 15 album with her debut album Peroxide in 2014, characterized by her heartfelt lyrics and an acute skill for seeking out a unique and catchy melody.

The now-22-year-old talks how her sound has evolved, how she approaches songwriting for herself and others, the responsibility of a female producer and what's next for her as an artist. Review by Billboard

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Directed by Daniel Alexander Harris
Produced by Fred Bonham Carter
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