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TRAVI - Bang (Official Video HD)

TRAVI - competence meets years of experience and talent. The British music collective, consisting of R&B & soul singer Jodie Connor and singer-songwriter & producer David DaWood, know how to write a hit.

In the 90s David DaWood contributed his part to the success album „One Love“ by the UK boy-band Blue, which sold over 2 Mio copies worldwide. Further he wrote the UK hit single „Good Times“ by Roll Deep which stayed at the top of the UK single charts for three weeks, as well as the Bakermat single “Living” feat. Alex Clare. TRAVI-singer Jodie Connor also contributed to the hit single of Roll Deep, but was also successful with her own music – she worked with artists like Busta Rhymes, Klingande & M-22. Her single „Now Or Never“ featuring Wiley debuted on #14 in the UK charts. In addition, she was involved in the writing of the Klingande & M-22 hit “Somewhere New”, which also features her vocals.

During their collaboration time in the studio, they noticed that their ways of working style consort with each other and that they create a sound together that is unique, novel and adventurous! Be prepared for the „BANG“.

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