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Stereoact - Denkmal (Official Video HD)

Stereoact is a German producer team from the Erzgebirge. The members are Rico Einenkel (Ric) and Sebastian Seidel (Rixx).

The duo was founded in 2011 under the name Starpoppers, first singles and remixes appeared. At this time, the duo represented in particular the Dubstep and Electro House. Starting in 2014, the duo became a Ric & Rixx and established itself under this pseudonym for the first time in the Deep House scene. In February 2015, the duo uploaded a song on Soundcloud, drew attention. They underwent the recording with a deep-house beat and released this remix in April 2015 on the Internet. The Hamburg record label Kontor Records signed the duo under the name of Stereoact and released the remix in December 2015 as a single. Gradually, the song gained popularity and reached place two of the German and Austrian singlecharts.

Download and Stream: https://ktr.lnk.to/DenkmalYo

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