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Mura Masa & Charli XCX - 1 Night (Official Video)

Charli XCX and Mura Masa released a music video for their new track, "1 Night" which debuted earlier this month (March 17). The collaboration between the duo is the latest single off of the British producer’s upcoming album To Fall Out of Love To.

The video's storyline follows the first night of four respective couples’ connections, with shots of Charli singing and dancing to her track in between. As Charli sings about love that begins with excitement and passion -- but quickly fades and ends -- the visuals show that this might be the case for every pair featured in the vid.

“It was only one night / But I wanna go back to where we were / I just wanna go back to where we were," she sings, sharing the idea that certain loves that end right before they can even fully start. Review At Billboard.com

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