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In Flagranti - TV Fashion Show [Codek Records]

Swiss electronic duo, In Flagranti present their pre-internet-record-buying-phoneline-concept-album-come-mixtape ‘Sprezzatura’. A unique approach to their fourth album is also noticeable on the array of genres it spans, from disco, to electro, raw house, uplifting Balearica and even techno.

Sasa Crnobrnja of the duo said this on the project, “This album will be available as a mix on cassette with each track playing for a minute or two. You’re basically listening to it like a mixtape and in the same manner as the tapes from Disco Piu. You’ll be able to choose your favourite tracks from ‘Sprezzatura’ and buy the full versions as downloads.”

‘Sprezzatura’ is an Italian term defined in the Renaissance that means doing something extremely well without showing effort.

Taken from their new mixtape cassette album. Out April 14.
Get your copy here: https://codekrecords.bandcamp.com/
More In Flagranti: https://www.facebook.com/inflagrantiofficial
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