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Martin Garrix - Hold On & Believe (feat. The Federal Empire)

“Releasing these seven tracks is my way of saying thank you for the ongoing support from my fans,” Garrix says. “I can’t say it enough; I wouldn’t be where I am today without you guys. Hope you’ll enjoy each and every track that will be up uploaded the coming seven days.” Martin Garrix

 The songs will be familiar to fans who've requested their IDs from his sets all year. Garrix has also teamed with seven visual artists who will live paint their interpretations of each song in YouTube videos. The images created will become the official artwork for each single.

Garrix fans would probably like to thank him for all the goodies, and they can when the producer stops by his ADE pop-up shop Wednesday, Oct. 19, at a yet-to-be-announced location. Sign up for details at martingarrix.com, and prepare your body for a week of music-drop mayhem.
by Kat Bein

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Martin Garrix - Hold On & Believe (feat. The Federal Empire): EDM, Dance, Bass, House Music, House Family, Electro, HD Video, Good Mood, Good Vibes, Progresive House, Video, YouTube
Martin Garrix - Hold On & Believe (feat. The Federal Empire)
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