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Anetha - Traces to Nowhere (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Following on from Anetha's 'Ophiuchus' EP last year, label boss Spencer Parker has compiled a remix package featuring himself and Antigone. This track is bonus track on there.

The video produced and directed by Camera Plume who said this of it... "This project explores the different morphologies of our world, in a context devoid of human. So, we can really focus on what we will leave behind"

Fashion credit - Pantheone (Paris)

ARTIST: Anetha
TITLE: Traces to Nowhere
EP: Ophiuchus Remixes
RELEASE DATE: September 2016
GENRE: Electronic
STYLE: Techno

Hypnotic techno cut from the remix package
Ophiuchus Remixed EP is out Sept 5: http://bit.ly/2bQo7wz
More Anetha: https://soundcloud.com/anetha-bloc
More Work Them Records: https://twitter.com/WORKTHEMRECORDS
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