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Jay Hardway - Stardust (Official Music Video)

Jay Hardway taking you sky high with his much awaited new single Stardust. It’s a master at work here, releasing a beautifully meandering melody that leads into a major drop, big and overwhelming. Music that touches the senses, enchanting and energizing - this is rave music taken next level.

Join Jay Hardway:

Directed, Filmed and  Edited by: Jorrit Monné (UBERcut), Dimitri Janssen and Madse Krivokutya (Kraftstoff).
Concept: UBERcut & Kraftstoff
Producer: Tim Agter (Sunrise Productions)
Line producer USA: Jorrit van der Kooi (Silver Spirit Pictures)

Props: Nathan Owen
Spacesuit: Space Expo Noordwijk
Child Actor: Rover Dijkstra
Jay Hardway - Himself
Father Actor: Mark Dijkstra
Special thanks: Cathel and Indie

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Houston We are landing!
Jay Hardway - Stardust (Official Music Video)
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